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Verge Music cartel professional mixing and mastering studio has highly experienced engineers on board and the right gear. We provide you with all the help that is required to get your song or album sound perfect, talk to us, lets get you started.

Top-tier engineers &
Groundbreaking producers

If you are struggling to find the best mixing and mastering services for your next music release, then we’ve got you covered. Give a head start to your music career and let us help you get studio-quality mastered tracks. Our team of real hands-on engineers will fine-tune your songs to a radio-ready quality, so you can impress your listeners and boost your career like never before. Our best studio in uyo is located at No. 4 Nyong Essien street, most of our services are provided online.

We capture the essence of soul through quality emulated analog & proven techniques.


Our Workflow is Simple!


Make payment for your order via any of our payment channels.

upload your files

Zip your files and upload to our server, Once the files are received, we mix and master your song. Turn around time is 5 – 10 business days.

receive your mix

Review your mix and receive your files. Final delivery will include; a full resolution stereo mix, a limited reference mix, as well as instrumental and acapella mixes.



VMC Studio


1. Remove all processing from stems ie (fx, eq, Compression)
2. Click here to upload your Stems 
3. Pick the package you require (see below)  
4. Make the payment 
5. You should receive the finished song(s) within 5 – 10 days.


99 ($34)
  • 16 Stems Limit (₦2000 for each additional Stem)
  • 2 Free Revisions
  • Mp3 and Wave Mixdown


99 ($54)
  • 32 Stems Limit (₦2000 for each additional Stem)
  • 2 Free Revisions
  • Acapella Mix
  • Instrumental Mix
  • mp3 & WAV Mixdown


99 ($13)
  • HQ Mastering
  • Audio import/analysis
  • Final WAV file ready for release
  • 2 Free Revisions
  • Compete on all streaming platforms

Spots are limited. Book your session with us today.

High-quality music mixing services is something that most artist and producers want to achieve. If you are looking for the best  music mixing & mastering services, we are proud to provide you with the best online music mixing money can buy. Our production process ensures your tracks are properly mixed, Radio Ready Quality is guaranteed. Our music mixing process adds next level clarity and separates your song from others.


What Type Of Music Do You Mix And Master?

We work on all types of music! Yes that’s correct, we work with EVERY Genre and its sub-genres and in Any Language! We have been Professionally Mixing and Mastering every genre of music and language in many Countries worldwide! Everything from Afrobeat, Rock to Hip-Hop, Electronic Dance Music to Country, R&B to Classical, Reggae to Bollywood and much more! There is literally NOTHING we can NOT Mix & Master!

How do I place my order for music mixing?

– Make a folder with the song title.

– Export the Stems/Trackouts of the song(s) you want to mix and master, put them in the folder.

–  Include a reference song (what you want the mix to sound like) and the rough mix of the song you want to mix and master in the folder you just created.

– Zip up the files in the folder.
– Make Payment On Our Mixing and Mastering Page.
– Upload your files via our secured server that will pop up after payment.
– You will receive a notification email from us in less than 24hrs to confirm the start of the project.

How do I export my stems?

A stem is a complete track from start to finish. Please bounce all tracks in their entirety from the start to finish of the song, including silence where parts are not playing This is so the complete song will lay out in the correct positions for the mix when imported into our system. also please remove all processing Ie Eq Fx Compression as we will add all processing and fx at our studio. Below is a guide to help you export your stems properly.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is putting everything you have recorded together to complete your song(s). This includes adding EQ and compression, volume adjustments, adding effects, editing flaws, pitch correction and so on. Think of mixing as putting the puzzle together, putting together the parts of what you have recorded, making sure everything hangs together right while also adding the finishing touches on things. When mixing is completed, you should be pleased with the way the song sounds and feel confident that you don’t need to add anything else musically.

Mastering is adding sparkle and shine to your music. In a very basic sense, when you master your album, you’re making sure that song one doesn’t blow out the speakers while song two is barely audible – in other words, you want the levels of the songs to be similar and you want a general sense of cohesiveness to your recording, It also add the finishing touches to the song to bring it to its highest potential, making as loud as possible without distorting and making the song sound big and strong while sounding wider and clearer to emerge you in its sound. No song should be without mastering!

Do you have bulk deals?

Sure! We have discounts for bulk deals. The size of the discount depends on the quantity of songs. You can always chat us up for a bulk order, we’ll be glad to help out.

Can we talk before I send files to you?

Yes, please do, as there may be features or parts you wish to enhance or modify within your compositions. Send an Email or telephone 8163298196.

What is the expected turn around time to receive my final mix?

Turnaround times vary based on how quickly you need your finished material back. Many mixing companies offer flexible turnaround times to keep their prices affordable for all independent artists. With us You should receive the finished song(s) within 10 days standard.

So if you are on a budget and time is on your side go with a standard turnaround time as this is the most economical option. Express and Priority Services are available for those projects under a strict deadline and who need their mix back in a hurry. Needing your final mix back quickly (Under 5 days) may cost a premium but a reliable mixing company offers multiple options to keep prices fair and attractive to all musicians looking to get their music mixed.

We will be happy to provide you with everything your song or album needs after having been recorded. You'll receive our services performed only by experienced sound engineers.

Verge Music Cartel



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