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Artist Management

Work with our team of excellent managers to get your career moving in the right direction

What is Artist Management?

Artist Management is the management of professional musicians, actors, and other performing artists. It is a specialised form of management that focuses on the development, promotion, and marketing of an artist’s career. 

Whether you’re looking to develop a strategy to promote an upcoming release or aiming to get discovered by a record label, we’re here to help you navigate the industry and stand out from the crowd.


As the best artist management service in Akwa Ibom with experience working with variety of talents and access to industry contacts, our team can help you achieve financial independence, which is a crucial milestone that every record label executive will have their eye on. Until you’re on a trajectory to reach this point, they won’t be interested.

Luckily, Verge Music Cartel has had plenty of success in identifying how to get artists to the next level to achieve management deals and record label offers.

How We Work

Our experienced team of managers are passionate about your growth as an artist and knowing the strings to pull is a major factor. Our Artist Management Service covers the following key areas

  • – Career Strategy
  • – Release Strategy
  • – Business – Management
  • – Promotion
  • – Event Production

We tailor every consultation session to develop your current goals as well as the ones you’re yet to discover. And because we offer consultations on a rolling basis, our managers take no commission or percentage of your rights. Where with other managers you might have owed thousands, with Verge Music Cartel you’ll get to keep everything you earn.

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