Danny S – Let Dem Know

Danny S – Let Dem Know

Danny S unveils a new music – “Let Dem Know”, produced by Bosster… Listen!

Street hop artiste Danny S came through with an impressive record titled “Let  Them Know“. This an educative song produced by Booster, the Ege crooner on it talks about life and the evil people that makes living hard and unhealthy. He shares that we should be careful of haters (humans tagged Enemies of progress), our good plans and achievements shouldn’t be shares with everyone cos we can’t tell who is the good or evil wisher.

Danny S says above all God is the Greatest, so whoever believes in him shall not perish, will always overcome, climb on his frenemies and come out Victorious in all of his/her doings.

Let Them Know” is a follow up to his still buzzing Amapiano record ‘EJO‘… Listen and Enjoy! below

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Bouncy in tempo and symphonic in its delivery, Marz’s new tune is a breezy love confession delivered in an eclectic fashion that is peculiar to genre-bender, Marz. Produced by Andre Vibez, Connection is a sterling serenade crafted on an Afropop soundscape that will have you reminiscing about the good times while swaying in response to its melody.

On his first release of the year, Marz is composed yet vulnerable, and in the mood for some summer loving. Trapped in a mid tempo crescendo that is given lilt by Marz’s lyricism, the song is an addictive number that will find purchase on the playlist of lovebirds, good timers, and hopeless romantics.


How to Distribute/sell your music in Nigeria

Ever on the lookout for inspiration, Marz submits to heart and the muses on this one.

I finally felt something. I let myself be vulnerable and i realized that connection is one of the most basic of human needs, yet one of the most important. I hope you all enjoy this one, and you find true connection’, he comments.

An Afrofusion artist, Marz is Inspired by the passion of Fela’s afrobeats and the storytelling of contemporary hip-hop, He draws from a myriad of influences – from artists like Drake. Skepta and Burna Boy – to create a sound that is as heavy on the rhythm as it is on the ideals that Marz stands for. After a stint at the University of Benin, Marz released his first record. “Favour“- a boisterous Afrobeat record about opportunity – to positive reviews. He closed out 2021 with the loosie, “Iyawo

Connection” is his first release of 2022. Listen and Enjoy below;


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How to Distribute/sell your music in Nigeria

How to Distribute/sell your music in Nigeria

As an artist, you are constantly faced with how to get your music out there to your fans while also trying to gain more listeners for your music. Want to know how to Distribute/sell your music in Nigeria but there is the confusion as to where to start from? or what channels are available for you to spread your music on popular digital music platforms? How do you make money online from music distribution in Nigeria? These and many more questions are on the minds of most artists.

In the digital age that we find ourselves, there is need for you as an artist to be duly informed of the various channels that are available to you in promoting your music.

That is why, we at verge music cartel, an artiste management/Music promotion company have set out to help you grow your knowledge in how to distribute and sell your music internationally  from right here in Nigeria.

What is Digital Music Distribution?

Our key focus here is on Digital Music Distribution, which is important if you want to thrive in the music industry. Music is evolving and becoming more digitalized.

Music lovers are adapting to streaming, downloading and buying music right from digital music platforms directly from their mobile devices, as opposed to downloading from music sites or buying CD’s.

Digital Music Distribution involves distributing your music online on digital platforms that make your music more widely available.” Digital distribution requires that your music is presented in a digital audio format (MP3) to make it easier and appealing to music lovers.

With digital music distribution, the goal is to get your music onto music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms including social media sites like YouTube and TikTok.

Now that we know what digital music distribution is, let us discuss in detail how to effectively distribute your music in Nigeria and also how to sell your music online in Nigeria for royalty generation.


How can i distribute my music in Nigeria

The first question to ask before promoting your music, is where can I distribute my music?

Back in the day, we had to make use of Alaba mix tapes, cassettes, CD’s to get your music across to a wide audience but things are changing and the music industry has been revolutionized that your music can now be accessed from your mobile phones.

Having to adopt and adapt to the changing conditions is vital to your growth as an artist, as you need to observe the trends that are applicable to the music industry and be flexible in applying them for the growth of your music brand.

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Back to the matter of how you can distribute your music to reach a wider audience.

Here are 5 Steps on how you can distribute your music online in Nigeria:


All you need to do, to get your music distributed online in Nigeria and Internationally is to contact us at verge music cartel – https://vergemusiccartel.com/?pagename=contact


Ensure your music is fully ready (mixed & mastered). Once that is done, ensure your producer gives you the right format for your music which would be used for distribution. For distribution we allow only WAV and MP3 file of your music for distribution.


Your artwork is the image that describes your music. Ensure you have your artwork designed and available for distribution. In the case where you don’t have an art cover, we can help you create one but at a fee *winks*. Once this is done our distribution process is 50% complete.


Information here includes people who you featured, producers who produced your music and also some personal details about yourself and your music . All these information would then be used to process your distribution online across all the digital streaming platforms.


Once you have fulfilled the steps above, you can communicate the Release Date with us, after that is done, sit back and relax till the day of release. We would complete the whole process of distributing your music across all digital streaming platforms.

Once these processes are complete and your song comes out on the release date, your music becomes LIVE to all fans not only in Nigeria but across the World which gives your music the opportunity to reach fans outside of Nigeria.

The next step we would be discussing is on How Can You SELL Your Music Online in Nigeria?


How to sell my music in Nigeria

As an artist, one of the best ways to sell your music online is through digital music distribution. You might ask how?

Digital Music Distribution allows for you to earn royalties (sales) from Music Streaming platforms when your fans or listeners get to listen to your song on these platforms.

Having observed our Music Distribution process above, the way to sell your music online is through International Music Distribution. At verge music cartel, we can help sell your music by making sure it gets monetized on these streaming platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, Deezer and lots more.

Let’s discuss a little in details how your music is being sold.
  1. Whenever someone streams your music on any of these streaming platforms, you get paid by the number of people who get to stream your songs. For example, if you have 1,000 streams/plays on Spotify, Spotify will pay you based on the 1,000 streams/play generated for your music. The same applies to all streaming platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, TikTok, etc.
  2.  Another aspect as to where we can help sell your music is through copyright. We would copyright your song while distributing, to ensure that it is your sole property and anyone who uses your music across some platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, you get paid as the owner of the music. What this means is , if someone on YouTube uses your song on their video, YouTube will identify your song, copyright the video as a video that has your song and then proceed to place an Ad on that video. A percentage from the money made from the ads is being shared with you and the person who used your music in their video. This also applies to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and that’s a way to sell your music.
  3. Our Distribution also covers for Sync licensing for TV, Video games, Apps and Ads. This way, we help you sell or monetize your music whenever it is being used on the platforms stated.These are the ways you can sell your music online in Nigeria. verge music cartel, we help make this process easier and seamless for you.


We have discussed in details, the processes of how you can distribute your music with verge music cartel and how we can help you sell your music online in Nigeria. No matter the location you are, our goal is to put out your song and collect royalties for your music.

Start earning from your music today and drive attention to your brand by engaging with our Music Distribution at verge music cartel. Let’s help you with distributing and monetizing your music now.

Pat Ca$h – Champagne

Pat Ca$h – Champagne

“Champagne” is a feel-good record that brings an unorthodox sound and vibe and it’s coming from the stable of Pat Ca$h.

This record can be played at any occasion and suits listeners of all ages. You all should check this out and Enjoy!!

 Twitter – @cashamigo

 Instagram – @bombpatcash

Listen below:-

Blaq Jerzee x Phyno – Bags

Blaq Jerzee x Phyno – Bags

Nigerian producer, singer, and songwriter Blaq Jerzee is joined by rapper and Penthauze supreme leader Phyno on this jam “Bags“

To deliver this party hard jam title “BAGs“ song self-produced by the Renowned beatmaker, singer BlaqJerzee.

Listen below:-

Logos Olori – Lale

Logos Olori – Lale

Sensational Afrobeat Singer, Logos Olori has released yet another captivating single titled; “Lale” produced by Magicsticks.

Lale” is an addictive AMAPIANO record where the singer eulogizes the woman he loves.

You will want to add this addictive tune to your playlist!

Listen below:-