Asake and Bella Shmurda is definitely a great comparison and I’m super geared up for this argument.

With bottles already flying around due to the battle of supremacy between Ruger and Buju, we felt this is the right time to delve into this argument.

In Nigerian music sphere, it is safe to can music lovers the most in satiable set of people.

Doesn’t matter if you were the artiste of the past year, If you can’t make good trendy music now, you were never good

While both musicians tend to have a completely different vibe as regards their contents, Asake is more of the street, soft core and fast tempo type of singer.

Bella Shmurda on the other hand is more of the street vibes type of musician, but can still slow things down if he decides to but not really like Asake.

In all both artiste are very good, as it is very difficult to make a choice between the the duo of Asake and Bella Shmurda.

Who Do You Think Is A Better Singer?